We’re thrilled to be fasting & praying together as a church body. Fasting & prayer is such a powerful combination. We are believing for all of us to draw closer to God, see breakthrough take place, see the marvelous miracles God will do, experience strongholds broken, and that our focus and satisfaction will be found in God alone! 
We will be fasting for 10 days at the beginning of each quarter this year.

Q1 2020 — January 13th – 22nd.
Q2 2020 — April 20th – 29th. 
Q3 2020 — July 20th – 29th. 
Q4 2020 — October 19th – 28th.

You can choose to do a Complete Fast, Selective Fast, Partial Fast or Soul Fast. Whatever you choose, make sure to seek medical advice if you have any physical concerns about fasting.

More fasting resources from Church of the highlands

Send a message if you have any questions for us!

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